Sunday, June 21, 2009

YSAK 13: If I *am* pregnant, now's the time to be frugal

At least she's one or two steps above shoplifting from the local drugstore:

Wanted: !WANTED: FIRST RESPONSE Easy Read Ovulation Test - NOT EXPIRED!
Price: Please contact


I'm wondering if anyone else out there might have any FIRST RESPONSE (OR OTHER BRAND) **sealed** Easy Read Ovulation Test Strips and/or Pregnancy Tests left? I believe they usually come in a box of 7 test strips and 2 pregnancy tests. If your left overs are still sealed (individually) and NOT EXPIRED, I'd love to buy them from you!!

Package does not have to look exactly like the one posted!

Afterthought: Y'know what? This is an *I* suck post, because upon closer inspection, this isn't a pregnancy test at all. It's an ovulation test. Much different. Go get knocked up, girl!

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