Sunday, June 21, 2009

YSAK 16: Take adwantage in the resesion

Please give this man a job. He says he's posting from Bensonhurts, but I'd be willing to wager his wages that he means Bensonhurst, New York. Unless his name is Benson and he's making a cry for help:

Resesion Deals
Address: Bensonhurts, Brooklyn, NY, 11214 View map

There are so many jobs cut by this resesion and so many trade people lay out and they can do some good jobs as they do for companies.
Take adwantage.
xxx-xxx-xxxx. Eldin.

Gosh, looks like his name isn't Benson after all. It's Eldin. His ad was posted under Resumes > Construction, trades ... so I'll cut him more slack than I would have if I'd seen this under Resumes > Poetry repair or Resumes > ESL.

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