Tuesday, June 23, 2009

YSAK 26: Party on, Josh

First, Joshawa (sic) offered up his London, Ontario 'company' FunView Productions as a company designed to ... get this ... film your party!

FunView Productions , would like to film your partys.

If your throwing a Big party or just simple a small one .

Give us a call !

We well film the core of the party .
You wont miss a thing .
We well get spot films so you can have a HD-HQ home video .

Our professonal Camra men and video producers .
Well come on site and film as told . No questions Just walk, record, and smile

I instantly doubt the professionalism of a camera operator who can't spell "camera".

Well, now Joshawa (sic) is in a new, even zanier business: party pad landlord!

Witch is a small but nice apartment that u can host your game night . Maybe a Poker night . Maybe a small Birthday Party . Maybe just a get together . What ever the event may be . the place is yours. Nice 1 Bed aprt.

Bedroom . Furnished- bed side Glass Table Romantic Candle Set . alarm clock Small lamp bed with LOTS OF fluffy pillows . privet setting . kithen with snacks . stove . mivrow wave . toaster. sink

Living room : Big TV . ( Not flat screen ) 2 peice Couch set . BIG Glass centerd table . very nice looking . Plenty of chairs for people to sit . - and a computer with Internet .

Its perfect for the Small get together . Maybe watch the game and have some beer if the wife gave ya the boot for the weekend .


1 Night .- 50
2 Night .- 100

Weekend 150$ - Friday - Sunday Evening .


No Noise that may cause the police to be called.

No Damage to the House.

You Break it you buy it

Must be 18 - ID well be asked

Max 10 People .

No stealing

If sex is a must wear a rubber and use the BED !!

Clean up after your self

any dishes used u wash them

There are no Photos. and None well be Posted

I'm half-heartedly hoping Joshawa's (sic) mother and father will stumble upon this through Kijiji London.

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