Friday, June 19, 2009

YSAK 3: Leave the face, bring the pants

Rear view of a woman's butt in tight Lululemon yoga pants.

This recurring post is from Halifax, but is listed as coming from Sudbury Ontario:

I am looking to shoot females who would like to model Lulu lemon black pants. I think they are fabulous and would love to put together a portfolio of girls wearing them showing off their lower bodies! Shooting this sunday. 100 dollar compensation. Very professional! Easy cash. Send pictures of yourself (face and body) as well as phone/email contact

"Very professional"? I'm not in the, y'know, modelling or model-shooting industry, but ... butt ...

And, fella, if you're going to make your fetish into a $100-a-shot hobby -- get the brand name right. Lululemon is one word.

Same poster posts, under "resumes":
18+ models needed for reputable "Adult Clothing" Site . Paid work please respond with age/measurements/weight/ and a picture may require partial/implied nudity
What is implied nudity?

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