Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YSAK 33: Ladies, I love you, but you're boring

This Toronto man is trying the player strategy that's so en vogue right now: be a cocky a-hole, make attractive women doubt themselves, scramble their brains, and make yourself look like a valuable commodity. It's working so well for this stud that he's peddling himself on a free classifieds web site:

Why are women so boring?
Location: Toronto
Date Listed: 23-May-09

Why are all the attractive women so boring? I’m so sick of meeting attractive girls in bars and dating waitresses who have nothing to talk about but their looks. All they can do is get drunk and hook up after the bar closes.

If you are just like most of the other desperate women on this site, well you don't have such hot chances with me... so watch yourself. I’m very picky and trying this online thing as a last resort because all the attractive women I meet bore me. I’m not so desperate to date, I actually have a life already, but for the right woman maybe I can make the time.

I want to meet a very attractive and interesting woman. I don’t want to waste time with women that need therapy, for that I charge per hour, and I have a two hour minimum.

I am ...extremely confident, cocky & funny, romantic, and powerful...I assume I am in control in every situation. I usually have a really hard time with commitment because I like variety in my life, just probably the right girl hasn’t come into my life yet.

Reply to this ad if you’re up for something different. If you reply to this ad, send me your pics and tell me three things about yourself that would want me to get to know you better. Only the best responses will get a reply.

Keep aiming high, Chachi!

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