Thursday, July 2, 2009

YSAK 43: My anti-spyware service is a two-bedroom apartment. Wanna fight about it?

Exhibit one, posted in "housing > apartments for rent > 2 bedroom":

Best Price
Price: $50.00

Did you lose data like pictures and things of inportance?
Is your computer slow takes for ever to get going?
Do you have virus problems or spy ware?

There is nothing I can't fix on a computer and I beat everyone's price.
Call me
xxx xxxx

So, I inquire ... 'Hi! Why's this listed under " Kijiji Halifax > housing > apartments for rent > 2 bedroom"?'

Friendly cross-posting advertiser replies, "Cause this is where I get most of my customers"

Interesting. I inquire further: "You get most of your customers by spamming in inappropriate categories? Does that make it okay for you? It seems ironic that a person who sells anti-spyware services would advertise by spamming a community-based free classified site."

Friendly cross-posting advertiser sees no irony and becomes indignant:

"OK hold on there a second. I am not spamming anyone. I don't have the software or the know how.
I type each one of those adds in my self because you have to activate it from my email.
let me ask you this..

Did I cost you money today by looking at that add?
Did I make your day that bad that you have to go as far as wasting my time and yours?
There is no rule in the rules and regulation stating you can only chose to place adds on the category you have made the add out to be. What is it you are trying to acomplish hear?
Let me guess it bothers you to see my add on kijiji all the time. Well maybe your spending to much time on kijiji? What is it you need from me?
Will it make you feel better if I just stoped?
Maybe it will be one less add you have to see?
get over it really.
I can see you have way to much time on your hands buy allowing your self to be bothered by someone easels successes. Get a life. don't wast my time I don't know you. This is harasment. If you have an issue about the way things are being delt with take it up with kijiji adminastration. Tell them my name is wade and you will have the same result as 2 others did. Wade is not braking any rules. He is simply placeing adds and there are no rule on where you can post them.
Message me again and I will charge you."

Well! Apparently Wade wasn't using Wade's e-mail address to email that -- someone else using Wade's email address sent the e-mail, but wasn't Wade ... so Wade follows up:

"Thank you for reporting my ad. I am glad to see I am dealing with someone who has nothing better to do with there time.
Did I effect your life or put you out of your way buy place an ad on that portion of the site? Or maybe some how I made you lose money. Is it really hurting you......Take a look at your self and ask do I really need to wast my time or this guy's. we both know you are....
Get a life buddy really. Don't wast my time or your.
I have been through this already and I did nothting rong. There is nothing stating you can't place one add in anether zone.....
Thats where I get most of my custerms and alot of people are glad. so unless you need a computer fixed back off and don't reply to me ever again.
If you chose to contact me again I will trace the location of your email and charge you for harasment."

Is there really "nothting rong" with attracting "custerms" from "anether zone" by "placeing" oodles of duplicate ads in categories that bear no resemblance to the service (not product) being sold? Does Kijiji "adminastration" really endorse this kind of behaviour?

Well, Kijiji Policy says: "You should only post your Ad in the most relevant category. If you post the same Ad in more than 2 categories, it will be removed from Kijiji."

And, another Policy says: "Please do not post the same Ad over and over again. Duplicate ads or ads that are too similar to an existing ad are not authorized and will be removed. The only exception to this is that you can post the same ad in two (2) different categories per (city) site within your region. Any more than two and your ads will be removed. We also ask that you ... choose the right category for your ad."

Friendly cross-posting advertiser has five pages of virtually identical computer-fixin' ads in such categories as "boats", "motorcycles", "Volkswagen", "Honda", "heavy equipment", "tires, rims", "housing for sale", "cleaners, cleaning", and of course, the obvious category of choice -- apartments for rent.

Wade wants to be your computer guy.

Well, now, Wade has one more ad. Way to go, champ!

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Unknown said...
July 2, 2009 at 10:50 PM

Followup: A reader posts to the Kijiji forums, "This was just posted on the You Suck at Kijiji blog... he obviously has been flagged to death... anything you guys can do to speed up the process... and hopefully ban the IP, as he is not going to stop?"

Looks like the moderators dealt a swift blow, as the user no longer has five pages of ads -- he has none.

"did nothing rong", my ass!

Congrats to the kijiji community for standing up for itself.

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