Friday, July 3, 2009

YSAK 44: On the slippery slope to something

Joe sends this gem from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:

Wanted: KY JELLY
Price: Please contact

I am looking for a case of unopened tubes of KY jelly. Reasonably priced. Call Dwayne at xxx-xxxx.

Let's deal with the questions from one side of the sale before dealing with the buyer.

Who *has* a case of KY Jelly? Who would have a case, decide it's not wanted, then decide to sell it at a discount? Are KY Jelly vendors trolling Cape Breton's kijiji listings looking for a motivated buyer?

And, not to be crude, but do people really use KY Jelly any more? With more, well, suitable personal slipperifying products on the market, hasn't KY Jelly been returned to the medical industry from which it came?

To be fair, this is not listed under any erotic services category. This is from health, special needs.

According to Wikipedia,

Introduced in January 1904 by pharmaceutical and suture maker Van Horn & Sawtell of New York City,[2] and later acquired by Johnson & Johnson, K-Y Jelly's original stated purpose was as a surgical lubricant, and it was often chosen by doctors because of its natural base.

According to the company, "The origins of the brand name 'K-Y' are unknown. Two popular myths are that it was created in Kentucky, hence K-Y', or that the letters represent the key ingredients used to make the lubricant. Neither of these is true. The name continues to remain a bit of a mystery."

So, fun for the audience. What's this poster planning to do with a case of KY Jelly? I'll get the ball rolling ...
  • One hell of a party
  • Developing a record-breaking slip 'n slide in the backyard
  • Opening an amateur gynecologist studio
  • Housewarming present for that over-sharing couple that keeps talking about trying something new
  • Discovered that it's a fabulous dessert topping
  • Makes sword-swallowing go more smoothly
  • Preparing gift baskets for troops returning from Afghanistan
  • Preparing gift baskets for troops leaving for Afghanistan
  • Preparing gift baskets for wives of troops leaving for Afghanistan
  • Preparing a gift basket for Bernie Madoff as he heads to prison
Your ideas?

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