Saturday, July 11, 2009

YSAK 56: I wants tah shoot critters, hyuk hyuk

Man with gun wishes to practice shooting small furry animals ... just invite him to your house and watch him blast away. Found under 'jobs' (which is the category for those offering jobs, not those seeking jobs).

Need Gophers/Cyotes gone?

i am looking for some one that owns land with many gophers or cyotes that need to b shot looking foir land close to city limits maybe a bit further such as airdre, balzac,bisiker, strathmore will shoot areas for free may travel further but would need money as gas is expensive mayb 1.00 a gopher or something along thoes lines will nagotiate so its resonable

will shoot with 22long and mayb cyotes with 223 when i get some cash, have taken firems saftey. but above all i have commen sence and respect for fire arms and land that i shoot on

just need to b showen dos and donts wear i can and cant shoot as i know many farmers have livestock

if intrested pleas send me an email or contact

kyle @ xxx-xxx-xxxx

Anyone care to comment on his choice of weapons? I mean, who am I to question a guy who's armed and has "commen sence"?

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