Saturday, July 25, 2009

YSAK 65: How to get Children's Aid on your ass

Thanks to reader Holly who sends one in, saying "Bet you didn't know Kijiji could be the place to start your family!"


Couple in their 40's unable to have a child together - with home and cottage ownership as well as good jobs - and the experience of raising children from their first marriages....will offer a home to a baby if you are in need - race culture or religion will be respected throughout child's life....or seek a surrogate mother who is generous enough to carry a child for the couple....
Serious answers only

The serious answer may come from Children's Aid. I know from close sources that child protective services acts on tips about babies for sale on Kijiji. Usually the ads get pulled before anyone can be immediately tracked down, but the matter gets passed on to the police. "I was just kidding" is rarely a good defense. (FWIW, seeking a surrogate is not an ass-kicking offense in the same sphere as offering to *sell* a baby.)

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