Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YSAK 68: Would you buy an umbrella from this man?

The ad itself is innocuous ... until you see the pictures.

Wildflowers "winget" Umbrella
Price: $9.00

jaf gifts galore and more .com no minimum orders/no membership fees no monthly fees/no annual fees liven any dreary day with a splash of springtime cheer! vibrant watercolor print umbrella keeps you warm and dry under a canopy of sunny color; folds in an instant for easy carrying. artwork print by susan winget. one-touch opening. carrying cover included. waterproof pongee fabric

Picture number one is an umbrella. Nothing scary here.

But someone ... the seller? ... also includes a portrait ... of a strange man in what may be a dingy basement. Why? WHY? Is this what an umbrella style professional LOOKS like!?

Eeew. I found this on Kijiji Detroit via Twitter. This is also the advertiser's twitter picture. Twitter has not been a jackpot for kijiji suckage. Most of the posts are dogs, houses, events or commercial crap. Sometimes events about houses full of commercial dog crap.

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