Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YSAK 64: See also "DeLorean wanted for Time Travel"

I grabbed this one off Twitter. Yes, Twitter, the technological phenomenon I swore I'd never be part of. I'm part of it now, and it's not turned out to be the demon hellspawn I'd made it out to be. OTOH, it's only marginally more trivial and pointless than the demon hellspawn I'd made it out to be.

On to the ha-ha.

I need a vehicle to try and make run on water. F*uck gas.
Price: Free

Once I figure out how for myself I'll show everyone. for free. the information is out there... they've already done. it.

its just hidden. I'm without a job and a passion to save the world haha.

love and fear people.

the possibility of having a dream come true makes life worth living.

i had a dream of filling up a hippie van with a garden hose.


I once had a lengthy conversation once with a schizophrenic man whose life was centered around the belief that, as a child, he had invented the prototype for the CANDU nuclear reactor while playing with an upside-down bicycle, some gravel, and a child's chemistry set. He stored the plans in a Royal Conservatory of Music accordion case, and through a series of government-sponsored actions against him, his brilliant creation was stolen, he was kidnapped, and so on and so on crazytalk bla bla ...

My point is -- he's crazier than this guy.

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