Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YSAK 75: Somewhat attractive guy seeks partner with a pulse

Mike says he found this while trying to find a morning ha-ha. Instead, he found this indiscriminately horny gentleman in Halifax.

Looking for some action!

Hey my names Eric.

Im looking for some company this very weekend..
im into girls and guys
many of my previous partners or as i call them (as a joke..) "victims", refer to me as "da mailman", usually because i deliver and am on time..

to the place being your face! ; )

My last name is Gagne, but not the baseball player.

although im not gonna lie..i wouldnt mind catching his fastballs

email me ladies n gents if interested , my birth date is somewhat attractive and like to have a good laugh and time. 8 = D : )

Upon closer inspection, I'm astonished that this ad doesn't make me want to throw up more.

Why the hell would this guy give his last name? Why? Oh, I see. There's a baseball player named Eric Gagne. Very kind of him to point out that he's into guys and is a catcher.

Born in 1985. That'd make him, what, 13? 14? Oh. My colleagues, born in 1985, tell me that'd make this guy 23 or 24. I don't really have a point in pointing this out, other than that it makes me feel very old, and regretful of things I did on the internet at that age. If the internet was even around at that age. It might've been BBSes back then, for all I can remember.

Thanks, Mike, for making me feel sick and old!

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