Thursday, August 6, 2009

YSAK 77: Wife's gone, lots of time on my hands

Spot the connection between these two ads from the same poster:

males wedding band Org. $800 selling for $400
Price: $400.00

This is a $800 dollar ring at charms and i think it is a size 12 .this ring has an ingraving on it of 2 hands and a heart in the middle it also can be sized and wont afect the ingraving .
Price may be nogitionable, or trades may be accepted

What's not "nogitionable" (!!!) is the price he's willing to pay for the following:
Wanted: Adult Movies - Valley Area
Price: Free

I am looking for adult movies vhs, and dvd .. valley area

Again, trades may be accepted.

Also available from this person: headlights from a a 1985 Jetta, a fridge, and a cooler fan for an Xbox 360.

Make your inferences below.

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