Thursday, August 6, 2009

YSAK 78: Bond with your youngster by going on a killing spree together

Does it matter that some of these popular videogames are targeted at adults? Would you feel like a bad parent by getting fat together with your impressionable son or daughter? Don't! This guy will help!
Price: Free

Hello there,

Do you feel like the times have left you behind? Do you know what games to buy, were to get best price, and there actully content? I offer a FREE education for anyone who needs it! Simply send me a email that has the game you are intrested in, the question you have, or tips on games. I will research the game, play it if possible and converse with my well rounded videogame expert friends. This service is very adult friendly! Ever wonder what really happens when your kids are mashing those buttons? Just ask me!

In my experience nothing breaks the ice between a caregiver and a child like a common intrest, and even if you dont share the passion they have for videogames, atleast you can have some knowledge about it!!!

Photo snarfed from Why The F*** Do You Have A Kid?

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