Friday, August 7, 2009

YSAK 79: Two reasons not to dress your child in a snowsuit this summer

Welcome to July and August. We call it summer. (Or 'construction season', the second season in the Great White North.)

Yes, we're in Canada. But no, you don't need to put your children in bulky snowsuits this summer.

Someone tell this person who appears to be the kind of person who'd forward you an alarming but bogus chain-letter email about kids smoking LSD that tastes like strawberries:

Warning - Snow Suits and Car Seats
Price: Free

Hi Moms,

This is a reminder that it is not safe to put your little ones in their car seats wearing their bulky winter clothing. Read below for more information and tips.

If you are very visual, here's everything I say below summarized in a youtube video:

A good test to see if your child's clothes are too bulky is to put the dressed child into their car seat and tighten as you normally would. Don't loosen the harness when you take them out. Now take the jacket/snowsuit off and put child back in the carseat in just their regular clothes. It will shock you to see how much slack this generates. Especially considering kids' softer bones, they can easily squish through the loose harness as their coat compresses in a crash.
And it goes on and on for pages...and pages.

There may be a place to talk to parents like they're stupid (someone pointed me to http://whythef*** ... and I return the favour by pointing you there). Kijiji's buy and sell section is NOT that place.

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