Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bring 'em on; Some search terms

Keep sending in those crazy Kijiji ads. Share the laughter and shame.

Looking through the logs, here's a sampling of some interesting search terms that've brought people here over the past month:

  • "you suck at kijiji" is tops, no surprise
  • "pimp my daughter" is number two
  • some people are looking for "sites like dontevenreply" (I'm flattered to be found that way)
  • "delorean -pink kijiji" -- can you even *get* a pink Delorean, let alone so many that you have to exclude pink as a search term?
  • "free pusse to come to my house" -- really? really? pusse?
  • "girlfriend nude infront of me" -- mine or yours?
  • i need a loan -- yup, we've covered that. Don't be stupid.
  • "slow stop sign holder job" -- controversial post, yes, but I never called her 'slow'
  • "was michael jackson ever in winnipeg?" -- gawd, I hope not

Keep on rockin' in the free world!

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