Thursday, September 3, 2009

YSAK 98: Non-speaking actor seeks work

This actor knows where his talent lies ... and roles that require basic literacy are not included:

Under resumes > tv, media, fashion:

i am avilible for bg
i am avilible for any kind of bg work in flm thank u i will travel and have car

But wait ... he wants to be well-rested for the shoot:
Wanted: qween box sprin
Price: Free

hi iwant to seeif someo has bos soring

Oh, it gets worse. Looks like there's a housing crisis afoot:
Wanted: i need to find out were the people

that live at my home ran to so i can show the lanlord my pics on what thay did to my home in a year thay never took out the trust thay have birsd and rabis and dog cats and other anamals run in the home it took 5 people and so far sent aug 15 to clean up wall ate by the peret i have all pic s and video thay own event entrement and the people that thay r get money from show no i am going to sue them for what thay did in my home call me if u no them justin and jetee strut and thay go by other name s also

Oh, there's lots more. The guy goes from wanting to buy a house as a fixer-upper, to asking to learn muay thai kickboxing, to renting out a home, to looking for the moving company who shipped these mystery people away, and on and on. It'd be sad and tragic if any of it was legible.

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