Friday, October 23, 2009

YSAK 105: Firewood vendor tries to out-crazy disgruntled clients

Someone's been posting complaints on Kijiji about buying firewood and not getting the amount paid for.

There's nothing new about that. People have been complaining about shady wood-sellers for ages.

I suppose the problem in this case is that Kijiji is not for the posting of rants, warnings, sob stories, crusades, vendettas or ... well, anything that's not what the category says.

So, the vendor, instead of satisfying the customer into silence, is fighting back, with the crazy cannon set to eleven.

Really, does it make sense to further your business by posting in the "books" category with a rambling freakshow post that does nothing to endear him to anyone.


Listed under Buy and sell > Books > Free:

Truthdefender book ,how to tell the liers ,deceptions,conspircy,

Truthdefender book ,how to tell the liers ,deceptions,conspircy,
ONE TOPIC CHAPTER 1:Innocent sounding consumers who have a fantasy version of only they have been hard done ,& never mention about how the retailer offered to solve the situation ,only the consumer in question wants what they wants reasonable of not & will threaten blackmail ,"go to the news ,tv,radio,newspaper etc to get what they want !
(the news will never tell the real story or the venders side ,& only be on the claimants side)!
Recurring story about firewood delivery ,the consumer knows the goverment & newspaper is on his or her side & can lie freely without question or investigation on their side ,
so they can say they only got half of the wood & threaten blackmail to go to the news & put the vender out of business ""if they don`t get what they want ! ""
the business vender offers to give money if he can`t prove that his truck holds what he sells & come down & stack the wood in 100 cubic foot pile or piles & throw it in the truck ,the consumer is willing to do this until it is known that the consumer will pay for the venders services if the customer(him or her ) is wrong ,then the consumer says that the truck probably was half full or similar when it is full know the customer knows the truck was filled to the top or they wouln`t pay in the first place( the trucks in question you can see the wood over flowing the top of the truck just so the customers can easy see the trucks are loaded to overflowing the top !

Dear 'vender' (sic): I know nothing about the legitimacy of your business or the validity of your customer's complaint, but ... you suck.

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Concerned Resident said...
November 2, 2009 at 8:54 PM This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Unknown said...
November 2, 2009 at 10:48 PM

Hey hey. I appreciate your fury, and I'm sure you're on the side of justice and all that ... but I can't tolerate posting home phone numbers and addresses of people on here. I'm all for mocking people and givin' 'em what's what, but there's a CYA factor involved, too.

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