Sunday, October 25, 2009

YSAK 109: When did 1970 become 'antique'?

Ah, remember the old days, when you could piss in a really large toilet? Before those goody-goody tree-huggers tinkered with our toilets and made them so weak they can't flush a popcorn-laden turd log?

Relive your bathroom glory days with this very old, very toilety toilet:

One Antique Retro Toilet

1 toilet, date stamp of manufacture is 1970. This is functional and has very large reservoir tank. Just got a new one, so this had to go. If you are looking for the good old days of going to the bathroom when you were young with a high flow toilet this is the one. It is white in color and is a standard fit.
Side note: why don't the really interesting posts include pictures?!

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