Wednesday, October 28, 2009

YSAK 111: Dangerous paranoid crackpots wanted for fun and profit

Oh, this flu thing is bringing out the worst in the stupidest of people.

Consider this rambling ad posted under 'jobs':

Activists, Truth Seekers, and Self Motivated people

I am looking for people who are awake and understand the real truth behind the filtered/screened media, who understand that "conspiracy theories" mostly are not theory at all but true fact, just cover up wording. People who have done the research themselves not solely relying on other peoples information, that the swine flu vaccinations are actually packed with mercury, and have already claimed lives throughout the world. The proof is out there, why do you think doctors are quitting their jobs? obviously because they became a doctor to help and heal not get payed and kill. I have a few ideas i'd like to get started to inform the public not to take vaccine shots and hopefully this would lead to somehow starting a radio show similar to the Alex Jones show where we have fully backed research that we can share with our listeners, have people come on for interviews and dicussions..etc. But firstly I think we could start a small booth either in the halifax shopping center, or the waterfront (somwhere with alot of people) and simply have pamphlets with references to sites, i'll bring my laptop and have videos of people who have already taken the vaccine and have neurological damage minutes after takin the shot. For now I am looking for people who wanna volunteer a couple hours here and there for the greater cause of humanity. Eventually or even now people who have experience with websites (website building), radio broadcasting, anything that would create more awareness.
America has pretty much been lead down a path of tyranny and destruction.The dollar is being devaluated worse then ever and the federal reserve have no plans of stopping the printing of massive amounts of money for "stimulus packages" whatever that means (bonuses for exec members of AIG? lol).
I firmly believe here in Canada we still have a fighting chance, once we have a knowledgeable public, we will be able to persuade our MLA's, leading to the federal government to stop this nonsense. I mean the government can easily pass a bill to start printing its own money and even back it by gold instead of letting the federal reserve (a semi-private corporation) print money at no cost (fiat currency since they took out the gold standard in 1913) and then lend it to us with interest?
Ludacris... anyway, i must get back to researching, remember the more you learn and the more knowledgeable you become the better off it is for all humanity, the whole universe for that matter.

"Dont be the one who holds this revolution back, be the one to start it." - Steven

Who the hell is Steven? And what does Ludacris have to do with this? It reads like an American anti-government rant with a few snippits of Canadianism thrown in. Can't quite pin down the blame, though. Media? Government? The insurance companies? The drug companies? Doctors? Alien hordes fattening us up with mercury to make us more tasty?

STFU. And don't cough on me.

Follow-up: Hypocrite? Corporate lackey? The poster, 'Steve', claims to be a life insurance agent and is recruiting ... with phrases like "rediculously retarded", how could you possibly doubt the intellect, dedication and sincerity?

Rediculously retarded sales job available to somone who wants to dedicate a hard 5-7 years, to then be sittin, not havin to step foot out of the house, but laughin when you do :) very lenient with days and times you wanna work, full medical dental, training provided with pay, really chillin people to work with which makes it a hell of alot easier and enjoyable. I'm looking for somone who is going to go all out as my team in this business is going to the top, no excuses. Bonuses every week, company paid vacations, every expense tax write off.

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