Friday, October 30, 2009

YSAK116: My cat is an asshole and will kill you

Again, not a full-on *suck* per se. Just kinda funny. 644 visits as of this writing.

Free Evil Cat

Evil cat attacks chair
I have a cat who is the epitome of evil to give away. He's super cute (blonde and stripy) but that's where the pleasantness ends. He bites and scratches anything that moves, including my young son. I've had him for two months and he is just not getting any better, I think he might have mental problems.

He's probably around four or five months old and has not had any shots or been fixed and has only been outside a couple of times. I'm guessing he would be much happier in a house that let him out to catch mice and birds and rogue children because he seems to be full of piss and vinegar.

His name is George but he doesn't seem to respond to it yet so I'm sure you could change it. The pictures are from when I first got him, he's a bit bigger now.

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