Monday, November 30, 2009

Blogger calls out the Kijiji sellers who suck

Blogger Tim Atlee tells the tale of a Kijiji seller whose idiocy rivals some of the sucky sellers we profile on here:

First, she wants to know if it's OK to come over now. Sure. Give her my address 6 times. Completely ignoring the fact that I had emailed a Google Map, identifying my house, and directions from the general neighbourhood she was in. She phones me again, 3 times en route, because she got lost. I mean, I know the house is up in some residential area, but really - you had to drive down one street, and make 2 turns. That's IT. I don't know how you wound up in the wrong subdivision, especially since you were apparently writing down my directions.
Oh, did I mention the bit about her trying to drop the price to $200? Because her budget changed? What sold it was "I just had a baby, I need to loose the weight". Right - you've just asked me to sell the treadmill for half of what I was originally asking. And I was already cheaper than other people listing the same treadmill on Kijiji.
And the story continues from there!

Moral of the story: there's two sides to every suck. Many sellers suck. Many buyers suck harder.

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Emma Fredrick said...
October 27, 2021 at 2:05 AM

How do I know which service is the best among the ones listed here?

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