Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to promote your Kijiji crap

Self-proclaimed "Google Expert" SavvyK has written an article about the best options for promoting your Kijiji ad, even if it's a poorly-written piece of crap. A small piece of the advice:

You need to assess the pricing of the different options against the benefits, and what you are trying to do with your advert. For example, selecting the 3rd option, Top Ad, enables your advert to appear in the top section of its category for a week, at a cost of $9.99. So instead of appearing on Page 10 (and worse!) you are on Page One for a week.
One issue that keeps coming up on the Kijiji forums is that people pay to promote their ads, the ads get deleted, and they don't get their money back. Of course, policy states that they won't get their money back. But people still get pissed off about Kijiji keeping their money because they broke the rules.

The other frequent complaint is that people pay to get their ad at the top, but it gets held by the "random" 24-hour hold. Well, kids, FYI, you can't buy your way out of the spam-trap. Once your Kijiji ad gets out of limbo, you'll get the promotion you paid for. Not a minute sooner.

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