Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kijiji Quickie: Today on Twitter

A few gems from a Kijiji-riffic day on Twitter:

Laurelwhiting for sale on kijiji: 3 Burial plots, 4 flats of diet pepsi, toilet seat, and a vaporizer! I could be on here all day long

buck75 @ONronaldo I don't buy anything from there - I have enough junk. #kijiji

ONronaldo @buck75 @themenacer I find stuff is overpriced onkijiji#andthings #noturstuffthoimsurethatisreasonablypriced

buck75 @themenacer I was trying to sell truck on Kijiji - guy offers his truck & tells me to pay off his loan. #SOLD

hemenacer I'm selling a phone on kijiji, and this guy offers me just over half of my asking price. $180 vs. $325. What does he think I'm going to say?

admitriyev I am happy to see no map on the new kijiji.com look@KijijiUS

troublegoats just put a bunch of junk for sale up on kijiji #yeg

yoshxl: I just sold some old shit on Kijiji, ask me how! #reallydontaskitwaseasy

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