Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YSAK 124: Shame on you for noticing I can't spell

I have no idea what this "community > other" ad is referring to, since it's posted as an ad to the public in general. But clearly someone pointed out to this poster that s/he can't spell. Bravo to the poster for not trying to improve the spelling in his/her rebuttal:

Rude comment

Hi there. Thought I would give you my say in this matter. You should be ashamed of youself. Who are you to judge people about there education. There is a lot of people that don't have much schooling and is doing there best. your message came across to people that they are stupid. Thats not the case There is people that cannot learn very easy.They are on here doing there very best and for you to judge people you don't know ,sham on you. Excuse my english because I'm sure there is some things you will find wroung with my letter. But thats ok because I'm a "NEWFOUNDLANDER" and very very very proud of it even if my english isn't vey good. You have a nice day and stop judging people you don't know. I have a friend that is slow in learning but loves to play games and likes to sell some of his games on here. But he is independed. But when he wants to put things on here to sell he likes to type it himself. It may take him a while but he finishes it "ALL BY HIMSELF " and his mother lets him do it because she is very proud of him. So how you even think of doing this is beyond me. Hopefully you think twice before doing such a thing again. Thank you

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