Saturday, November 7, 2009

YSAK 135: A picture would have been so much easier

I'm thoroughly puzzled as to what this person is trying to sell. It's as though the ad is written to confuse:

Price $15.00

i have a saucer its flat on the top so u can put any toys you want on it and the seat spins and you can adjust the height also it has legs you can put up so it dont move or down so they can wabble located in wolfville $15
.... the f*ck?!

Bonus: from the same poster:
i have a fisher price insulated diaper/food bag has a lifetime warrenty and it brand new still has tags i never used it because i have one
Note to self: NEVER use a diaper bag as a food bag. Unless you want your shitty diapers smelling like last night's spanakopita.
i have a carrier it reminds me of a infant car seat i bought it but never used it its just taking up storage space
Note to self: interesting selling technique. Don't elaborate on what it is *is* -- tell people what it *reminds you of*.
i have a older graco stroller carseat combo the carseat can not be used in a car but its all still in great condition its a red and blue plaid color great for grandparents house or just a spare stroller, the seat fully reclines which my son loved so he could sleep easily. $20 located at grandparents
Good to know the carseat can not be used in a CAR.
i have a bassinet and some sheets probley like 3 my son only used it maybe a month and a half he didnt like it asking 30
Probley like three sheets? Um, can you count them again to be sure it's not probley like 2 or probley like 4? Lots more stuff her non-speaking-but-still-very-picky son didn't like.
i have a battery operated swing a matic it plays 15 songs and has 3 speeds and a timer it has a mobile on top thats little teddys i bought it and my son didnt care for it $30

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