Sunday, November 8, 2009

YSAK 136: A urinal in your own home!

The overriding FAIL of this ad is that it's out-of-province: North Bay, Ontario posted in Moncton, New Brunswick. Otherwise, the fail is subject to interpretation. Thanks to Carol for sending this in:

dont like PEE on toilet seat ?? then see this !!
Price $39.95
Address North Bay, ON, Canada

Kijiji urinalInventor flushed with positive feedback

Updated 23 hours ago

A North Bay inventor is making waves without a splash.
Marcel Fortin, the creator of Eco-urinal, has a new manufacturer, a better-built product and is receiving positive feedback from customers.
He developed the waterless, odourless urinal about 13 years ago when he grew tired of cleaning up after his then five-year-old whose aim was considerably less than accurate at times.
“I was a single dad. My young lad used to ‘target practise’ a lot and I had to clean urine on the floor every day,” he said.
He invented a portable urinal that could be attached to a holding tank or directly into existing plumbing. The idea is the user — men, women and children — can then have it mounted to a wall or hold it while relieving themselves.
From there, gravity pulls it down the tube to either a holding tank or the sewer system.
It worked.
“My goal was to not have to clean the floor every day,” he recalled.
But after using the product for some time, an unexpected benefit of Fortin’s invention became crystal clear.
Water conservation.
“A person urinates eight times a day,” said Fortin, a plumber by trade.

Fortin said with most toilets flushing five gallons (almost 19 litres), using an Eco-urinal could save more than 100 litres of treated water per person each day.
Since his re-manufactured model became available earlier this year, Fortin has sold between 150 and 200 at $30 each, shipping them as far as France.
He uses the online auction site eBay to move his product and the feedback speaks for itself.
“A microscopic urinal, but perfectly usable. Thanks.”
“Great for the cabin, would do business again.”
“Item is small, but just what I needed.”
The Eco-urinal is a versatile product, he said, adding it can be used just about anywhere — in a workshop, cottage, ice fishing shack or boat.
Though the Eco-urinal is his only manufactured conservation product, Fortin said he has a dozen ideas. To purchase an eco urinal go to "" or search "eco urinal" Thank you for conserving water !

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