Friday, November 13, 2009

YSAK 139: How do you like your eggs -- fertilized?

I don't go looking for ads like this ... and I *thought* you had to click through a consent page to even see them.

But this afternoon, browsing the "all new ads" link from the front page of Kijiji ... I found this:

Kijiji - personals - just friends

brekfast fun and you?


looking for a cute woman who like to start the day with an erotic phone chat...

If you have fun get back

Okay, dimtwit:

- "just friends" isn't for erotic yakkety yak, is it? Or do I have the wrong kind of friends? (Okay, my early 20s, yeah, that was... that was college.)
- If you're having trouble *spelling* breakfast, you need to sleep in,
- If she's on the phone, sir, why do you care if she's cute? (Again, lessons from my early 20s.)
- "If you have fun" -- if she already has fun, trust me, she doesn't need *you*.

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