Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YSAK 147: Warning! Do not be as stupid as me!

"Warning" ads appear all over Kijiji across the globe, even though they're completely disallowed under the Kijiji rules.

Sometimes it's a competitor with an axe to grind. Sometimes it's someone whose stupidity cost them money. Sometimes it's someone with a keen grasp of the obvious who wants to save others some pain. Sometimes it's kooks.

Let's look at a few:

Beware of Male Fitness Trainer in Durham Region

There is one Male Personal Trainer out there he has long a CRIMINAL RECORD dating back 20 years, 4 pages long.
Armed Robbery, Importing Steroids ect...
He is also A part time Gay male companion who specializes in weird fetish scenes. Be careful who you let into your life. This is all factual information. I Got the goods on him too late, don't be fooled. He does the White Powder & Smokes the other cigarettes every day. If you doubt me ask him for a Criminal Records Check, I bet you won't hear from him again! He won't even provide a hair sample for drug test. He has lots of client references because they did not ask for criminal records check, they have no idea who they are dealing with. Late Model SUV? He is a real Creep and a Predator! I have the PROOF.
What'd he do exactly? I dunno. What did THIS woman do? 
there is a woman by the name of ----- ---- -------- and she is a scammer she will rip you off because she is hard narcotics and needs to feed he habits and i know this because she scammed me and her last landlord out of almost $5,000.00 i had to spend a month living on the street because of what she did , she is roughly 5 ft 8 to 5 ft 10 " tall with brown hair weight about 170 to 180 pounds last time i seen her and she has one glass eye that she is embarassed about and she has a dog named sam who is a king doberman pincher with a bum hip,i have followed her bank account to selkirk manitoba let this be a warning to all out there in manitoba debbie went from a good person to a bad scamming rip you off hard drug user and needs to feed her habit she is not to be trusted these busineses in selkirk manitoba must be extremely careful because she will steal from you here is a list of known places she goes to there in selkirk manitoba
Here's a hint for the next guy: "bad used" anything is bad.
Warning Bad used tires

Warning ~~~ Bad used tires can be dangerous - Don't buy used tires
I have included some samples of the tires Im have bought in the past...
Some Americans don't have access to Mike 'Make It Right' Holmes ... or the Better Business Bureau ... or a telephone to call references:
Warning Do Not Call Cliff ------- Or ------ Renovations

Im a Disabled Woman with a Leaking Basement and Limited Money I called them and they agreed to come and do a Quote i waitted all day Cliff and Partner showed up at night smelling of Booze and Charged me $130.00 Saying it was for a Quote and i still Haven't heard from them since they took my money Now they do not return my calls or e-mails
Warning its a Scam
I decided not to post the generic "don't buy black cats around Halloween" warnings, in favour of this creepier one:
WARNING Unscrupulous Horse Buyers:

Beware selling your horses to Horse Buyers with sick agendas. We had a rescue Arab for a good home. A guy showed up with his yound kids, two of which we found out were "borrowed" from his neighbour to see our colt. We didn't like the feel of him and rightly so. We found out later, locally that this person buys young horses and puts them in his FREEZER. Alberta's reputation as having a great horse industry has gone to H-LL. The slaughter and overbreeding by Horse Puppy Mills and boom time buying has unleashed the ugliest Horse Genocide I have ever seen. We intend to save what we can from this madness and leave this province for a more Sane Environment.
BE AWARE, selling your horses cheap is a sure trip to the slaughter house for them.
Are you seeing some astonishing Kijiji 'warning' ads? Send them in!

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