Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YSAK 148: Hamsters is funny lololol

Parents: Please don't let your children put animals for sale on Kijiji. More specifically, please don't let your children on Kijiji. By that I mean don't let your children use the computer:

Funny little hamsters

I have cute tiny lovable hamsters free to a good home.
you know how those crazy animals doo their thing then theirs 1,000,000,000. unfortunaely its hard to hold and love each one of them
if you are inereted please calll
there are 4 males long haird ones lack and white with spots and the others are a blonde head and bum and the rest of their body is white!
if this doesnt make you want to pick up the phone i dont know what will.. i'll throw in some beef jerky to the deal

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