Saturday, November 21, 2009

YSAK 151: Buyer's remorse sets in early

I'm suspicious that the following ads all appeared on Friday night in the same town in the "Just Friends" category. They all have a similar theme, length, depth and degree of Kijiji suck. See if you can connect the dots.

Example #1:

been married a little over a month..

and i cant stand it already. looking to meet a married or single female that is in same position that im in or at least understands it. i am attractive but im extremely bored. i need some lovely woman to come over once or twice a week to spicen things up
Example #2:
girlfriends in other room

im sitting here looking for a girl i can meet up with after my girlfriend falls asleep tonight....

i wana sneak out and have some fun
Example #3:
looking for a couple fake ones to play with

if you have a nice set of twins i would love to play with them tonight. always wanted a nice set that bounced just right
Ok, my observations?

a) All three examples lack closing punctuation on the final sentence,
b) It's all lower-case, even "I", and,
b) I'm thoroughly disgusted with what I saw on just one page of the "just friends" section.

Your thoughts?

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