Saturday, November 14, 2009

Semiliterate banned breeders sob: "Kijiji Sucks!"

Reposted from, the first and only post in their Kijiji category... as posted in February:

Kijiji Complaint by Petsatplay

I am a small hobby in home breeder.I placed an ad to sell puppies and an ad to sell a parrot I had .I was deleted and when I tryed to ask them WHY .I was only asked questions of my home life

Thank you for contacting Kijiji Community Support.

How many breed of dogs do you have and how many dogs do you currently have in

your home?

and same for your birds?As you are not registered we wonder as to whom it is that oversees the living

conditions of this animals.

When I told them I do not have to be REGISTERED and the answer questions they were asking was NONE OF THERE BUSINESS !!!They deleted my account!! Will not answer my email any more

WHen i asked the kijiji forum they said I was deleted maybe because they are trying to rip the page of people who run scams to get free money .I can understand that BUT I AM NOT THAT !!! And they will not even work with me and not just me MANY people have this problem KIJIJI has NO contact info just the email on the page ..I was treated very UNFAIR and I want my account back!! and them to do a BETTER JOB in getting the scammers out !!

Would a scammer fight this hard?


Three equally-pissed, equally-idiotic commenters chirped in about how they broke the rules, got banned, and then couldn't get their MONEY BACK. Shame!

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