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Buying a dog off Kijiji can suck

Not the first time we've reported on that fact, and of course we're not the only ones.

A cookie-cutter site called has this article addressing some of the pitfalls of canine commerce on Kijiji:

My 21yr old sister just moved out on her own and wants a puppy. She has been to the pounds and to rescues but the rescues denied her because she lives in an apt. and she can’t find a dog that is a good fit for her in the shelters.

She lives in San Diego, ca I know california has puppy lemon laws but they are only for breeders or someone who sells more then 2 litters a year, so what happens if she buys a puppy from someone who just had puppies available and it gets sick? Does she have any rights? Could she get her money back? Do they have to require any health guarantee?

I have warned her not to buy a puppy from anyone unless they are reputable but she is young and thinks I just want to "ruin her plans" ughh. Maybe if she sees it from other people who have personal experiences it would give her some better insight. Thanks

Yes she actually just bought a condo, so she owns it and can have a dog. The rescue she went through said they don’t place any dogs in homes without yards. I don’t feel it makes you a bad home if you live in apt as long as your dog is excersied and well taken care of. My sister is a good girl just a little Naive, she is not a bad or stupid person just inexperiences which is why I am asking this so she can read, what rights she has if any if she doesnt go through someone reputable.

Responsible breeders:
DO advertise on a site such as Kijiji. We use many sources & interview and turn down up to 25+ people for one puppy, are very selective and want only excellent homes. We do not have a waiting list for all puppies often times.
If a breeder is only interested in money, RUN.
If they want to sell a puppy under 9-12 wks. old, RUN.
You can ask for a health certificate provided at the time of sale, which is a statement from the breeders vet that the puppy is healthy and what immunizations it has had.
You can ask for a health warranty, and read it carefully. Most have requirements you must follow or it is not valid.
If they ask questions as to how much time you have with a puppy, have you owned a dog before, what happened to it, do you have small chidren, do you have other pets, etc. They want their puppy in a home that is good for the puppy’s well-being. Responsible breeders do care.
Ask for references for puppy clients over one year of ownership.. Any good breeder has a stack of people that are willing to give a reference. A good breeder will stay in touch and help you with any problems AFTER you get your puppy.
I no longer allow our vet to give our name out. There’s only 3 out of 40 breeders that he will refer, and we are one, but I get so many breeders calling, or people who have too many animals, small children, etc.
If there’s breeding dogs running all over the house, be assured that inbreeding happens there. These are "kitchen breeders". The only way to prevent that is to have kennels and they are kept separate. Sanitation is not very high in this environment with dogs running all over the house, male studs weeing on the furniture.
Breeding dogs in a fence in the backyard without housing or good shelter that is heated, this is a "backyard breeder"–leave! LOTS of dogs, inadequate housing, small spaces, improperly cared for, THIS is a puppy mill. LEAVE and report it to the authorities.
I have placed many beautiful, healthy yorkie or maltese puppies on Kijiji, with lovely people that are wonderful homes for them.

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