Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giving spammers the publicity they desire

Interesting technique for promoting software that bypasses the widely-known rules of good and fair commerce on the Kijiji free classifieds web site: submit an article about your spam software to various web sites where lazy bloggers grab content to repost on their AdSense-heavy blogs.

So, I figure ... hey, if Moby can take money from big car companies to license his music, then turn around and run down the evils of the auto industry ... I can post the content these rule-breaking spammers want posted, and turn around and call them rule-breaking spammers.

So, here goes. Everything past the break is written by spam-vendor Clbotpro88.

With over 45 million unique visitors every month and with 4.3 million returning visitors Kijiji is one of the biggest online classified ad websites on the internet today. Using Kijiji to get the word out about your products and services is a really good idea however there are a few obstacles you need to overcome before you can really leverage the power of Kijiji. There are a number of programs you can use for Kijiji auto posting but before you do you need to first understand how kijiji ad posting works before you can appreciate a good Kijiji auto posting program.

The way Kijiji works when you want to place an ad is you first need to select the category in which you wan tot place your ad in. So you might for instance select the ‘for sale’ category. You then choose where in the for sale category you want your ad placed so for instance you might select ‘furniture’ category to post your ad in. You then need to select a location of your business, type in your full address, and also write a short attractive advertisement which will get people to your business. Sounds easy enough? It certainly is easy since it’s only going to take you around ten minutes to post you can consider it pretty quick. However if you really want to post ads and get noticed you might have to post around at least twenty ads to twenty categories. If you do the math you will see that posting 20 ads is going to take you around three and a half hours.

The above reason is why you need an Kijiji auto posting program like CL Bot Pro. With CL Bot Pro you can post literally hundreds of ads a day at the click of a button. You don’t have to worry about selecting a category and typing out each ad manually. CL Bot Pro is the only Kijiji auto posting program which not only posts your ads automatically it also helps you manage your ads. CL Bot Pro is a Kijiji auto posting tool that is the one tool which will give your business an edge over your competitors.

The makers of CL Bot Pro realize that Kijiji as well as other classified ad website is regularly updated and so in order to maintain the speed and accuracy of the program they need to update it on a daily basis so that you an maintain your advertising edge over all others. Unlike any other Kijiji auto posting software CL Bot Pro is regularly updated so you are never left with a program that does not work.

There are various Kijiji auto posting tools that promise to enable you to post multiple ads but none of them come close to the speed and accuracy that CL Bot Pro has. So the next time you are thinking about taking your marketing efforts to the next level consider using CL Bot Pro as an accurate and effortless way to post multiple ads.

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