Friday, December 11, 2009

Kijiji Friday Bonus: This belt is looking for work

Isn't it always amazing how some people justify breaking the rules on Kijiji?

Here's a gem posted under RESUMES > Drivers. That's right, it's the section for people who are looking for jobs in driving and security. It's the place for them to post resumes in case people have jobs that need filling.

And here's the resume du jour:

2 1/4" Duty Belt Nova Leather Nickel

DURABULL - Leather Duty Gear by Nova Leather




Nickle Buckle

Size- Large 36"-40"



Responder Training Services
Kit Shop


Why isn't there a price at the top? Oh, that's easy. Because this isn't a buy and sell section. It's for people posting resumes. Yes, people posting their qualifications as they search for work. It's not the clothing section.

So, I sent the advertiser a short note:

Hi! Is this belt looking for a job? It's in the "resumes" section.

Within hours, I got this cheery reply:
We are simply reaching out to where are clients are found. Unless you wish to purchase products, do not contact us again.

Cameron Dopler
Responder Training Services
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Training for Today's Security Professionals"
Well, let's look at that.

Mr. Dopler's clients shop for their belts on a board for jobless people. The kind of people who drive right into a pile of limousine-driver resumes to find out of the right leather belt is "availible" (sic). And who don't care if it's spelled nickel or nickle or n!cKl3. As a local business leader, I don't know that I'd boast about that.

You didn't know that Mr. Dopler was a local business leader? Don't take my word for it! His web site says so. "Cameron Dopler, recently featured in Success Story by the Centre of Entrepreneurship Education and Development in Halifax."

That's part of what makes it so so surprising that a person who makes a living training and outfitting people to enforce the rules would so fragrantly break the rules. The justification is so thin: we do it because we think it'll work, and we're getting away with it, so piss off. What, the rules apply to everyone but this company? Everyone else needs to post in appropriate category, but it's cool to put a belt in with the job-seekers because that's actually where belt-seekers go?

But they don't just sell belts. No, sir. They outfit rent-a-cops with the finest gear, even if the line used to pitch it fails in the grammar department: "Whether your the security guard looking for a new duty belt, a Police Member looking for better quality products, or a Soldier looking for better quality kit. Responder Training's Kit Shop has what you need!"

Then there's the brush-off line about not contacting him unless I want to buy something. I'm afraid I'm not in the market for pepper spray, boots, nightsticks or flashlights. Though I could certainly benefit from the company's CPR courses, as I'm obviously a lazy fat guy with too much time on his hands. (Beat you to it!) I think it'd be fun to take one of the tactical handcuffing courses I also see advertised in the wrong categories on Kijiji, but I'm not sure that this company is the one behind those.

To sum up, the company motto:

Our Philosophy is, there is no such thing as too much training.

... or too much advertising, I guess.

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