Friday, December 4, 2009

YSAK 160: Dude, whatever, as long as I can crash on your couch

Oh, I so wish I could point this guy's landlady to this ad so she can get a hint of what kind of tenant she's about to get.

Posted under "Services: Other":

Wanted: Looking for someone 21-30 to hang out with this weekend

Well this is not how i wanted to spend my weekend meeting someone totaly new. But heres the story. Im going to dartmouth this weekend to meet my landlady and my potential roomates. and my friend who was suppost to drive me to my locations cant make it due to work. So first of all i need a friend to pick me up from the acadian bus stop in DARTMOUTH, and a place to crash somewheres fun because i dont want to be bored for 3 nights,"420 smokers" is ok.. Now for sunday i have to meet up with my landlady and ask for a set of keys to my new home... so i need a ride there..... then in the afternoon i need a ride to meet my roomates and collect some cash to reserve there rooms.... I know its much!!! Gas money will be provided and dinner. If you work monday thats fine i can figure out the bus scedual i need to go to the college and get my courses set up....and probly some shopping :) lol.... and well then monday night would be the last night i crash for i must take the bus very early the next day....Now i dont mind if your male female gay ...white black i dont care at all.... as long as your friendly can provide me with a place to crash...make sure my trip is not boring lol... I would love if the person could send me a picture of them.
On the other hand ... Stop right there. The same poster is advertising:
Wanted: In need of a full time babysitting job!!!! for january

I'm looking for a full time nanny job or working in a daycare is ok. starting anytime in january. i am flexible and have been babysitting for 10years now. Im 21 mature very kind. Have not seen a child who dosnt like me. I charge 10$/h or 300$ a week. I do light house work, provide educational games and activities and do not believe in siiting in front of the tv. I am CPR certified and have some ECE training. I love children. I also have worked with children who have ADD and ADHD. I have ADD myself wich makes it easier to understand what the child is going through. I have work with children and adults with special needs.
If this seems to interest you drop me a line and I will give you more details.

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