Monday, December 7, 2009

YSAK 166: Extended warranty causes math wizard pain

As a rule, extended warranties are usually crap. Stores like Future Shop make much of their profit on extended warranties, and the salesperson gets a cut up front.

Having said that, the math in this ad (which is not allowed on Kijiji anyway, because it's a rant) just leaves me confused. Utterly confused. And the spelling sucks. Thrppt!

future shop product replacment warranty is bull

I had purchessed this so called warranty when I bought my blackberry bluetooth headset. Paid for a 2 year over the counter warranty. When I took it back after having it for 2 days after 1 year they tell me that they can't help me that I would have to call there 1800 number. So I call them and they would send me a gift card for the amount I paid for it. Which is somewhat fine however I only paid $35 dollars for it and I can't replace it for that. So I'm out a $100 headset and $10 I paid for a otc warranty that they don't want to honor so save your money and tell them to stick there so called warranty
Warranty was for two years, but he took it back after two days, after one year? Is that 367 days or two days? So they'd give him a gift card for the price paid, which was $35. But it's a $100 headset? I'm stumped.

In case you missed it, don't buy extended warranties at Future Shop.

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