Friday, December 11, 2009

YSAK 171: Idol loser becomes Kijiji loser

Ever wanted to date a Canadian Idol contestant? No, no you don't.

This isn't going to end well. A Canadian Idol contestant who can't spell Canadian. She teaches kids with disabilities but really can't spell disabilities. The whole thing is a mess. Please, if there's a guy out there who loves women who love cats, get on this and treat her right.

Looking for Mr. right Plz No JackAsses

Hello My name is Krista and im looking for someone thats not going to be a jerk and not show up when a date is exciptd.

anyways more about me im 26 years old and i would like to have a relationship, I would like that feeling of haveing a bf again.

I have had one to many jerk in my life and would like it
if i dont have anymore in plz...

I was on Canadain Idol the Best of the wort show, anyways i am a dancer not the type you may be thinking of, i teach dance to kids with dissabilatey's....

I live here in xxxxxx off of xxxxxxx Rd so i am in a good area yes i do have a roomate, i have a job that i love i work 3 day's a week.

Im looking for someone who understands me for who i am, someone who is not going to take advantage of me on the first date.

Thanks to Wallis for forwarding this mess.

Methinks this may be the woman described in this Canoe article:
But the saddest of the bunch was Krista Poirier. The obviously home-schooled teen truly believed she was a hot dancer, showing the panel her hip-hop moves, which included a laughable moonwalk.
And her voice was even worse, leading many to predict she could become this year's Canadian William Hung. Thankfully for Poirier, and all the others who march to the same oblivious drum, our judges seem to have a tad more class than their American clones. Instead of embarrassing these kids, the panel tried desperately to come up with at least one nice thing to say before crushing their dreams on national TV.

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