Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YSAK 177: Dear spammers: you suck

This one's a win. An off-topic, slightly misspelled, bitter, bitter win.

Price Free

To the morons who spam here (Specially the bird cage idiot):

You may think that filling up the whole front page with different versions of your products is pretty slick merchandising. After all it's all free. But think again.

Many people who sell things here, also look for things as well. When you fill up the whole front page with your stuff all you do is piss them off.

Yeah it's great you have a lot of stuff to sell (and I'm speaking to the guy selling the bird cages here). But I've been into your 'warehouse'.

Your stuff is crap. If you need to SPAM on Kijiji to sell your stuff, then buddy, you shouldn't be selling it in the first place.

I will never buy anything from telemarketers, door to door sales people, or respond to any sort of junk mail from my mail box (snail mail or email).

Yes, I admit I did have a moment of weakness when I went into your warehouse to look at a new cage. But like I said earlier, your stuff was garbage, and reinforced my policy of staying away from spammers.

I may reconsider your business in the future, but if and only IF you stop spamming.

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