Sunday, December 13, 2009

YSAK 183: This laptop smells like butts

This potential buyer is not into butt sniffing.

Wanted: Don't buy this!- Apt smells like a giant cigarettee! Disgusting!
Price Free

Smelling stinky butts
Read before you contact this person.... Their apt stunk like cig smoke so terribly that it stunk up the whole hall leading up to their apt. How can this laptop be in good condition with all that tar, etc! Cig smoke is know for ruining laptops. It was so bad that I guarantee that laptop would smell like Cig smoke forever. Don't buy!
This is their ad:***Yes it is an older model but it runs well and is great for keeping pictures, writing, and surfing the net. Microsoft windows 2000. AMD-K6(tm) 3-D prosseser. AT/AT compatible. No wi-fi , and no battery. I used it while plugged in and hooked up to my phone line. Body, screen, and keyboard in excellent condition. Absolutely nothing wrong with this laptop. Hooks up to internet just fine. You are welcome to test before you buy!!!! Ready for you to customize and make your own! Great for kids. $65.00. Firm.
Thanks to Grant for sending this one in!

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