Thursday, December 24, 2009

YSAK 185: FREE BOOZE! No, seriously, free booze.

86reliant spotted this gem in the fabulous freebie city of Fredericton:

Free liquor
Price Free

If you have any liquor around the house you can't drink, let me no. I will come over and pick up the liquor. I am not fussy about the brand. If you receive liquor for christmas I will take that also. I love to drink but can't afford it.
Other ads from the same wanna-be drunk:
Computer Repair / Service and Maintenance
Having problems with your computer, I can help. Call 451-xxxx. Reasonable rates.
Yes! Get wasted and poke around in my computer. Just don't spill any of that precious, precious hooch. Do you use manufacturer-approved, off-the shelf parts?
Unwanted Computers / Computer parts
Price Free

I am looking for computers that you may have kicking around or computer parts that you want to get rid of. I am a computer tech that can use any unwanted computer parts. I use parts to repair computers that people want repaired. If you have some computers or parts please don't hesisate to e-mail me. I will pick them up. Thanks.

Well, at least I can take comfort in never having to meet you on the road. Or at least if I do, you'll be in a safe and reliable vehicle.
Wanted: 377 safari scout 1990

Looking for a engine to fit a 1990 safari scout. Or parts for this engine. Thanks
Good lord. I'm never going to Fredericton.

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