Sunday, December 27, 2009

YSAK 186: Selling a gun, dress, humster shavings

Welcome back from Christmas, everyone. I hope Santa was good to you. And if you're on Kijiji selling the leftovers and come across some sucky ads, send them in.

I can't figure out what this gun-seller is all about, aside from writing like a second-grader. But a prom dress -- does this suggest s/he graduated high school? *shudder*


hey i have 3 airsoft i am lokking to selling i am just selling them becz i dont use them email me for pics and more
Wanted: Cage for hamster

hey i need a humster cage i have a girl one that is having babies soon send me pics if u can plz and the pirce
Stuff for any of your friends

hey i am selling .a cage, a big bag of bunnyf food, and shaving aswell, also a water bottle and food bowl.PLZ emaill me for any pics or any thing i can help you with
Prom dress

i have a prom dress for sale its a lrage and thing you neeed to kwno just ask in a email thanks
I'm freaking out about the hamster one.

Okay, hamster. Hamster. Hamster. Easy to type.
I can accept that some people (wrongly) spell it as "hampster".
Possible typos? Hamsnter? Um, hmaster? hasmpter?
But HUMSTER? The A and U are nowhere NEAR each other on the keyboard.
Even phonetically, nobody says HUMSTER. Unless you're ... um ... no, NOBODY says that.

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