Wednesday, December 30, 2009

YSAK 187: The a-hole is gone; please buy his stuff

That's the great thing about the internet, eh? Gives bitter exes a forum for their rage.

"HIS STUFF" - Best offer

6-8 garbage bags of misc. stuff - includes:

a variety of men's clothing - including jeans, track pants, t-shirts, suit jacket, shorts, shirts and work clothing - all sized L-XL - but nowhere near XL enough for his current physique

a variety of men's designer scents - Jean Paul Gaultier, Diesel, D&G - I used to really like these scents - but now they just make me wanna puke.....

a remote control car - boys will be boys and this one definitely belonged to a big whiney baby boy who throws big huge destructive temper tantrums

size 13 winter boots, size 13 skates, size 13 rainboots (big feet don't always mean........well, you know)

Unopened package of Size SMALL condoms

Toshiba Laptop computer - LCD screen smashed to pieces, but the hard drive still works. Comes complete with a secret "tried n true babe list" accumulated during "job search" (ahemmmmm), 1 slightly sticky webcam and a worn out leftie mouse

reply if you are interested....highest bidder in a week gets all the "important stuff" in his life....these things are worth "everything" to him - SO - someone else must want them?

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Unknown said...
January 21, 2014 at 6:18 PM

Hey, I wrote this "his stuff" ad.

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