Saturday, January 16, 2010

YSAK 195: The Doogie Howser MD PC

Via Crunchgear via Reddit via Twitter via kijiji. Someone should've just sent it here first.

"Poke fun at this vintage computer sale all you want, but it’s actually not that bad of a deal for the right person. Think about it. What you’re getting for only $60 is a near-mint IBM PS/2 Model 60. Hook this puppy up and record your life just like the original blogger: Doogie Howser, M.D."

Doogie Howser's Computer
IBM PS/2 Model 60 - $59


Intel 80286
1 Meg memory
40 Meg hard disk
Adaptec MCA SCSI interface card
Iomega Bernoulli external 90-meg removable-disk drive, with four disks
Irwin tape back-up (Travan)
Boca modem 14.4 KB External. No cables. (Uses DB25)
12" IBM display, model 8503
New CMOS battery
Always stored indoors
Original IBM cartons

Adaptec ASW-1410 ASPI MS-DOS Manager
Adaptec AHA-1640 Installation
IBM Personal System/2 Reference Diskette
Bocamodem Comit Lite for Dos Version 1.112b, Faxworks for DOS 3.0b
Irwin EZTape Version 2.22 for DOS
IBM DOS Startup/Operating Version 3.30
Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
Iomega OAD Release 1.02.01 Install

Adaptec AHA-1640 Installation Guide
Adaptec ASW-1410 Version 2 ASPI DOS Manager Installation Guide
Iomega Bernoulli Subsystem Quick Reference Card
Iomega Open Architecture Drivers for DOS
Iomega Bernoulli Subsystem Installation Guide
Irwin EZTape User's Manual
Irwin 8460 Kit Installation Manual
IBM Personal System/2 Model 60 Quick Reference
IBM Personal System/2 Model 50 and 60 Technical Reference First Edition April 1987
IBM Dos 3.30 Quick Reference Card
IBM Dos 3.30 User's Guide
IBM PC System Extensions Planning and Installation Guide
Microsoft MS-DOS Version 5.0 Getting Started
Microsoft MS-DOS Version 5.0 User's Guide and Reference
Customer Reference Guide booklet
Boca Modem Installation and Operating Instructions
Inside the IBM PC and PS/2, Peter Norton, Third Edition, 1990
Original Invoice and Order Form from DOS Computer Center, Nashua, NH

Does not have special drivers for the Bernoulli drive. This means that live removal and insertion doesn't work.

Usability of the Irwin tape drive is unknown. The drive appears to run properly. There is only one tape, which has never been used. The original drive capstan roller has been replaced with vinyl.

Original price was $5,684 in 1987.

More photos:

Located in Hollis, NH.

I can ship. Shipping cost is somewhere between $65 and $120 in the USA lower 48.
I will demonstrate the machine.
I will not run your software.


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