Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kijiji Suck Bonus: Not musically gifted, nor otherwise gifted

Joe says, "this poor bastard needs to trade this for Hooked On Phonics or a good spellchecker."

hi i have a almost mit condistion key bord well its in perfit sh
Price $40.00

hi this is a used key bord i am asking 40.00 the box is damaged i got tierd of playing it i hope eny one will take good caer of it i ariganily paid 100.00 for it becus it is used i am letting it go for 40.00
I don't know why, but it just occurred to me to punch....er, punch this into some translation software and see how it comes out the other end. Comme ca:
salut c'est un bord principal utilisé que je demande 40.00 la boîte est endommagé moi a obtenu le tierd de le jouer espoir d'I l'eny prendra le bon caer de lui I a ariganily payé à 100.00 lui le becus c'est utilisé moi le laisse aller pour 40.00
And if we try to send it back to English:
hello c' is a principal edge used which I ask 40.00 the box is damaged me obtained the tierd to play it hope d' I l' eny will take the good caer of him I has ariganily paid with 100.00 him it long-beaked c' I is used lets go for 40.00
Wow. Now it's starting to look like one of those blogs full of scraped and somehow mangled content. Thanks, Joe!

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