Tuesday, December 1, 2009

YSAK 156: Broken guitars are only cool if musicians break them

Maybe this guy's trying to cash in on the "United Breaks Guitars" fad, but he's doing it all wrong.

Authentic Norman Acoustic Guitar
Price $200.00

Norman acoustic guitar on a bedI took a few lessons with the guitar but it never really interested me to pursue further with the instrument. It fell over recently and the neck is cracked as you see from the photos. The cost to fix the neck is $70, thats what i had quoted. Please make me an offer i am willing to negotiate a fair price!.......also comes with great careering case
Ooo, a great careering case! That's the case you open on the sidewalk when you're playing for a living, right?
Also: make your bed before selling your junk.

The neck is just a little bit broken.

Any other Kijiji ads out there with trainwreck photos?

Thanks to anon (not his real name, I guess?) for sending this one in.

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