Thursday, December 31, 2009

YSAK 188: Wanted: fools willing to part with money

There's something to be said for a man with a passion for success. Whatever it is, it can't be said about this guy. He wants to pitch his brilliant ideas to rich people -- but not successful rich people, because they're snobby and might see through his bullsh*t, bad spelling, impenetrable writing and rambling, and vague nonsense.

Wanted: Looking for a wealthy (preferably young) investor

I have been working on a few projects which are almost ready to be turned into businesses. I would take these ideas to the Dragons Den but they are to greedy for their own good and just seem to me like snobby people to work with. I am looking for somone who is flexible in time and how things will play out but are looking for the long term investment. These businesses are fitting right into not only North American but worldly lifestyle trends and are very exciting businesses to be in because these industries are still in development, meaning we are likely going to need to invent/customize parts of the projects to meet business standards that we will set for ourselves. I do not like to compare myself to other people as it could quite possibly lower my standard, so I like to keep an open mind on everything, which is what you need in the fast paced world we live in today. These businesses will tie into community involvement and partake in fundraising events.
Each project is different in what is sells and how it operates but are still going to be managed under the same small group of hand picked colleagues. Projects include selling a product, another one would be simply renting this for a selected period of time and paid for according to the time chosen for example a theriputic massage which you might pay 70$ an hour. This particular project is very exciting to me because there is nothing like this on the market... not even close and this business would be so easy to build onto once it is running. A money maker for sure.. although the money is not the most important thing to me, the project and seeing it take its course will be the part I look forward to the most.
I also have a few inventions i've come up with just from simply experiencing the process and trying to fix it making it easier or somthing to that effect. These projects I might do on my own though once I have made some income off of the main business/es cause of course the more people I have in on my ideas the more ways it has to split and its really not beneficial to me as I am the one who put all the time, and effort into these.
This will be a start to a lifelong business 'trip' if you will, reason i am looking for a younger investor, we can grow our trust and be able to fund bigger and better projects. I will tell you now, I am not into trying to sell a product to people that they dont really want or need, or even try to sell them products or services that i dont believe in.

I just roughly wrote this up, if you wanna talk more I have an office in Bayers Lake where we could dicuss further.

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