Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grease monkey reinforces stereotypes about grease monkeys

First, the ad, posted and reposted in multiple categories including, of all things, "sailboats":

For Sale By Owner

hello i am 23 years old and on june tenth i will be graduating from the nova scotia community collage and as part of my program i will be expected to complete an on the job tranning period of about 5 weeks i am currently looking for a company in which to do so if you are intersted in havinging a skilled trades person work as part of your company (for free) please contact me i am also using this as a means to find potentail employers if you are interested in taking on a apprentice who is fresh out of collage and is skilled in industrial, atmotive and marine diesel applications please contact me .
We call this "menopausal writing" -- no periods.

I drop the chap a note.
You're about finished training in college... but can't spell "training" or "college" or "automotive" ... and your ad is in the wrong section -- you're looking to apprentice, but you have your ad in "heavy trucks for sale".
And I get a thoughtfully crafted response from I shit you not -- that's the actual email address, aside from the xxxxx part.
your a meatball and the fact that you msg me back to tell me about my add when ive already got an on the job placement from my add you are super duper you must have alot of free time cant imagine why have a nice life keep up the good work champ
Wow. He really showed me. Well, good for him. He found an employer who's willing to pay him nothing, based on an ad (or "add" in monkeyspeak) that a second-grader would gladly fix with a red pen.

His ads are still posted. All of them.

Super duper.

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