Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YSAK 196: I'm a bad mother, but my son's baby momma's worse

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My 19 yr old son has been dating a 30 yr old woman with to many kids living on welfare lane. She has four with with I don't know how many dads and one with my son now (born in aug 09) and is pregnent again. She doesn't know how to raise children every other word is a sware word from her 3 yr old boy (this is the oldest boy she has). My son has told me that her kids are just bad and out of control. I agree with him from the ones I have met. I'm afraid for my grandchildren, from what I seen for myself she is raising criminals.
Over Chrismas she was ordering alcohol from one of the delivery places (she kept calling here and telling my son she just ordered an other bottle) then had the nerve to tell him she was out of the cheep powered life brand milk for the baby and he better come up with the money to get it and she didn't care how.
This woman obviously is not being responsible and I'm not sure what I can do.
Okay, thoughts.

a) Have you considered that it's none of your business, you judgmental, spelling-impaired failure of a mother?
b) If you're actually concerned about the welfare of the children, call Children's Aid, or the appropriate name for child protective services in the London, Ontario region. Having the only guardian of multiple children drunk on site and without food is the kind of thing social workers would love to investigate. They'll straighten her out, fast.
c) If you're interested in reforming your son's behaviour, here's an idea: tell him he's not going to live in your house any more if he's going to be "dating" this woman. (And having unprotected sex and multiple children with her, etc.)

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