Thursday, January 28, 2010

YSAK 199: 'Best Missed Connections ad in Fredericton'

Thanks to @HillaryCasey on Twitter for finding this one.

Love is an ocean, I am a seagull
Lonely Korean

I was recently at a pizza place enjoying a delicous buffet. I had just taken a bite of my breadstick, It wasnt at first glance but at first scent. I noticed the light scent of possible Tommy Hilfiger for women. It smelled so beautiful that it overpowered the sweet scent of my breadstick.
You had blonde hair, eyes unknown. But the shape of your chin resembled a Charlie Sheen or an early Chuck Norris (think Delta Force). You were shaped like last years Britney Spears ( you know not fat, but not fit either, think post pregnancy). You were wearing loose fitting yellow pants, a brown sweater, and a rainbow striped headband. You were of African decent. At first that made the blonde hair offset, but its individuality that really makes the whang-go-schwing ;)
But to get to the point, i'm a lonley, 74 year old Korean school teacher who's looking for that special someone. If you happen to read this, please send me an email and maybe we can enjoy a breadstick together!

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